For the Love of Lamps

~ By Susan Rayner, Design Editor ~ I have a little thing for lamps. Almost as bad as my thing for side tables, but at least lamps take up less space. The right lamp can totally elevate a room, just as the wrong one can look oddly out of place. So how do you choose the right one? What is the … [Read More...]

Creative Courage

Creative Courage: Traveling Your True Path

Join host Kelly Galea and her guest, Christine Herman, for this episode of Power Up Living. What is creative courage? Christine describes it as a deep curiosity and devotion to expressing our innate talents and passions. Having creative courage means coming home to yourself ~ acknowledging your … [Read More...]


Why Dreamers and Creatives Can Change the World

Today's inspirational post is from the equally inspiring & creative Christine Herman, who talks with us about Creative Courage on this episode of the Power Up Living show. Tune in as we talk about traveling your true path, and Christine shares tips to help you develop more courage and resiliency … [Read More...]

valley free radio

Alternatively Speaking

Have you checked out the Alternatively Speaking show with Dr. Saskia Coté? Tune in to Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP on 103.3 FM (out of Northampton, MA) on Wednesdays at 6pm ET. Each week on this informative program, Saskia addresses a variety of alternatives available to us -- plus includes a … [Read More...]

Radio Show

GYST Course

7 Ways to Get Your Shift Together

“I just can’t seem to get my $&*% together!” Creating positive change in your life can seem so hard. What if it wasn’t?   What if you could cut through all the overwhelm, … [Read More...]


Secrets of a Creativity Coach

How does a master creativity coach help his creative and performing artist clients from around the world meet their challenges and realize their dreams? Now you can hear for yourself! Join host … [Read More...]

Eric Dieckmann

Word-of-Mouth Marketing: It’s more than you think

Referrals and word-of-mouth marketing and networking are often misunderstood.  There are subtle differences in how you approach your network and relationships that can create huge results. What are … [Read More...]


Life Strategies: How to Overcome Self Sabotage

On this episode of Power Up Living, host Kelly Galea talks with Cris Baker to discover his little known secret to improving your life. Some of what we cover: What self-sabotage really is & … [Read More...]


Karen Trudell

Creating Strong Loyalty and Connection

Did you miss this FREE video series for those seeking to build business through more meaningful and deeper connections?   My friend and colleague, Karen Trudell of Sweet Perfection, … [Read More...]

Financial Zen for Caregivers

Financial Zen for Caregivers

What do you do when you  find yourself caring for an elderly parent while trying to provide for yourself and your family? It's a question being asked more & more as our population ages, as … [Read More...]

The Abundance of Gratitude Banner

Building & Nurturing Meaningful Business Relationships

What if there was a way to discover how to connect and create a deep level of love and gratitude with your tribe and clients that not only increases their word of mouth referrals, but saves you … [Read More...]

Relax Switch On Showing Relaxing And Recreation

Working for the Weekends?

TGIF!! Wish you could feel some real relief as you get ready to wind down & enjoy your weekend … but too wound up? Is burnout plaguing you & sabotaging your best efforts to live a more … [Read More...]